Samma Studio is an architecture and interior design practice that specializes in commercial and hospitality projects. Based in Bali, our studio is known for our distinctive tropical contemporary design.

Formerly known as Studio Tropis, our design practice has recently undergone a major transformation since being established in 2017. Through this change, we aim to align the image of our practice better with our values.

Inspired by the collaborative process we share with our clients, we are now known as Samma Studio. The new name was derived from the Sanskrit words samma, meaning harmonious, and samasana, meaning collaboration. The word is also a homophone of the Indonesian word sama, which means equal.

Our practice puts primary focus in designing villas, hotels, resorts, as well as cafes, restaurants, and bars. Despite our commitment in the hospitality industry, we are open to branching out into other sectors. You can browse through our work here.

Our team’s extensive experience in managing costs and project timelines would ensure that clients always meet their targets and timelines. Above all, we value feedback. After all, at the root of our work is the vision of our clients, and we pride ourselves in our ability to bring them to life.

We look forward to hearing your ideas!

Maria Stephanie

Principal Architect

Maria loves exploring new things since she was a kid. After earning her architectural degree from Parahyangan University in 2013, she determines to explore about architectural design in Bali. Through 5 years of her professional career in architecture, she finally joined Samma Studio as the principal architect.

Daf Ashari

Principal Interior Designer

Daf is known for his love of tropical contemporary style. Since graduating as an architect in 2011, he started working professionally as interior designer in Bali. His works, ranging from hospitality and commercial projects, have appeared in several national & international media channels.

Vany Vanessa

Managing Director

Vany is the mastermind behind Samma Studio. She acts as the one overseeing the operations and supplying a creative and unique approach towards the architecture and interior design industry. 

Gerry Surbakti

Senior Architect

Gerry sees architecture as something more than trends and looks, it’s about recognizing and responding to context, creating spaces, and putting soul into it. He believes that those aspects are the things that make one become timeless.

Arief Meidi Prasetyo

Project Architect

Arief loves to sketch. He has his eyes set on horizontal elements. He’s currently active in joining various architecture competitions so that he can portray his design idealism without constraints. In Samma Studio, he always desires to create a sense of place in every project.

Agastia Betha

Project Drafter

Betha is an architecture graduate who is passionate with the technical and constructional aspects of the design. She now spends most of her time perfecting our design to be something that can be realised in real life.

Aditya Pratama

Katyusha Methanisa

Leo Sidiq

Jordy Finnanta Setiawan

Sebastianus Virell

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