Nalika Beach Resort

Seririt, Bali

Nalika is located in Seririt beachfront with a macro-diving dive points where divers usually bring their long lenses to capture the underwater beauties.

Designer : Daf Ashari, Agastia Betha, Vany Vanessa

Services : Architecture Design, Interior Design, Renovation

Acknowledging the site potential, our client wanted to create a proper accommodation for the divers. The resort has a restaurant, five rooms, and a dive center with four bungalows at the beachfront that functioned as seating area for the restaurants.

The old building complex was quite dark and damp due to limited access to sunlight, and was badly layouted that it failed to utilize the space effectively. 

The public area 

As the restaurant is located at the entrance of the complex, it should welcome the public guests towards the restaurants and the outdoor deck, but also connect to the reception area where guests want to check-in.

The beachfront gazebos are kept as a part of the restaurant seatings, but adjoined with bridges and ramps so that they are only accessible through the restaurants. 

To make it feel more resort, we also added a swimming pool that is only accessible from the staying guests to retain the privacy. Since the gazebos and the swimming pools are closely located, we put some lush greeneries to act as the boundary between the two. 

The rooms

Since the rooms were too dark, we put a big sliding doors and windows in every room that overlooks the pool / the sea to add more direct sunlight inside the room. 

Whenever it’s possible, we try to put the bed facing the sea to maximize the potential view.

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