Pescado Bali

Pescado is curated to be a Spanish-inspired seafood cafes where the ‘Gu hipsters would gather around over Paella & Sangrias.

Designer : Daf Ashari, Agastia Betha, Vany Vanessa

Services : Interior Design

Photographer : Indra Wiras

In Collaboration with : Arkana Architects


For the facade, we make a lot of openings so it feel more welcoming when people walk through the street. We also put some tables outside to accommodate more people. At the same time, the tables are connected to the indoor dining area, so the guests will feel like they’re in the same space.

The outdoor seating area is L-shaped seating area with concrete chair with cushions and throw pillows, combined with dining table and rattan furniture, covered with transparent roof.

Entering the indoor area, the guests will be welcomed with this view. We put the bar counter aligned with the entrance, so when people enter the room, they can see the bar directly. The bar is also put upfront to allow customers to see the bar from the street. It also helps with allowing direct sunlight to come inside the bar & kitchen area.

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