Suka Espresso

Uluwatu, Bali

Suka was actually a brand that we already loved, even before they contacted us for this project. And when we first met Ramon and Griya — the awesome people behind Suka Espresso — we felt like we just clicked! And that made this project an awesome collaboration. 

Services : Interior Design


Suka was planning to increase their seating area, while expanding their kitchen. As the existing condition was poorly constructed — it was a standard Bali ruko with cheap metal roof. It got quite hot during the day in Uluwatu and the seating area was laid out all over the place. 

The brief was simple: minimal, not too fancy, not too clean. The reason was simple: Suka is not too fancy, either. 


For the design, we stripped out the cheap metal roof and installed a clear polycarbonate roof with black metal frame and expanded metal for the heat protector. The original seating area was extended around 80cm to make the seating area bigger. 

As there was no hierarchy in the seating area before, we decided to put some hierarchy now. The indoor seating area is where people can have the comfortable chair to sit and work for longer hours. It also features a communal table for the digital nomads. 

The semi-outdoor seating area, which is the biggest part of the seating area, is functioned as the highest table turnover area, where people come and go during service. This area features a standard 2 or 4-seaters table. 

And lastly, we create an outdoor seating area at the corner for the smoking area. The corner will then be covered with lots of indoor plants to separate it with the rest of the seating area. 

Sadly, because Bali is greatly hit by COVID19, the renovation was stopped up until the seating area. The process will continue after all is back normal.

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