Samma Studio is an architecture and interior design studio that embraces the essence of spatial synergy. Located in Bali, enlivening us with a sensibility of tropical and contemporary design. Through our continuous learning of the delicate interplay between humans, space, and nature, we create designs that translate visions into responsible expression.

Our designs balance the visionary and the practical, blending idealism with practical solutions. Collaborative harmony lies at the heart of our process and the extensive experiences of our team, where diverse roles and perspectives converge to shape beautiful hospitality, leisure, and lifestyle spaces that honor the existing harmony.

With an up-close comprehension of each project, we embark on a journey of manifesting visions. Embracing the intricacies of the surroundings, immersing ourselves in the environment, and truly understanding the needs of the inhabitants.

Synergy in Spaces.

Maria Stephanie

Principal Designer

Maria loves exploring new things since she was a kid. After earning her architectural degree from Parahyangan University in 2013, she determines to explore about architectural design in Bali. Through 5 years of her professional career in architecture, she finally joined Samma Studio as the principal designer.

Daf Ashari

Principal Interior Designer

Daf is known for his love of tropical contemporary style. Since graduating as an architect in 2011, he started working professionally as interior designer in Bali. His works, ranging from hospitality and commercial projects, have appeared in several national & international media channels.

Vany Vanessa

Managing Director

Vany is the mastermind behind Samma Studio. She acts as the one overseeing the operations and supplying a creative and unique approach towards the architecture and interior design industry. 

Agastia Betha
Arief Meidi Prasetyo
Gerry Surbakti
Bagas Dwi Aryanta
Bagas Dwi Aryanta

Luh Kadek Rina Andriani

Fahruddin Rozi

Ni Kadek Sukasih

Gusti Ayu Ratih Damayanthi

Ayu Shanti Adiningsih

Muhammad Rosyid

Ni Kadek Rosa Rosita

Rania Kristianto

Bramantyo Maheswara

Okki Hosea Tefu

Cristian Sugiarto

Arlita Setiyawan

Thadea Vashti Iswara

Sebastianus Virell

Jordy Finnanta Setiawan

Katyusha Methanisa

Leo Sidiq

Aditya Pratama

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