Ame Spa

Canggu, Bali

Ame Spa is located inside one of the best boutique apartments in Bali, Citadines Berawa. Inspired by the Canggu neighborhood and its slow living lifestyle, we proposed a contemporary tropical approach for the spa. 

Designer : Daf Ashari, Agastia Betha, Vany Vanessa

Services : Interior Design

Photographer : Herry Santosa


When we first visited the project, the construction stage was already at around 60-75%. The structure and MEP installations were already there, so we had to work out with what was already there. 

From the entrance, we propose the use of natural stone for the wall cladding, while maintaining the exposed concrete flooring from the existing condition. For the natural stone, we use a combination between Paras Jogja and Andesite stone. 

Despite the fact that the spa rooms weren’t quite spacious to function, we propose to create a vanity cabinet that also functions to store all the necessities. That way, the room can provide more comfortable space for the spa bed. 

For the furniture selections, we opt for something natural. We combine natural wood color with natural rattan for the built-in furniture. And, black matte metal for the accent for the vanity cabinets.

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