Amingiri Villas


Amingiri Villas is a 6-bedroom luxury villas located in a reclaimed island in Maldives. We took part in designing one villa at the beach and another one above the water.

Design team: Maria Stephanie, Gerry Surbakti, Arief Meidi, Agastia Betha, Vany Vanessa

Drafter: Made Suastika

Services : Architecture Design

The Water Villas

We feel the true beauty of Maldives lays in the view of its open ocean. It’s truly indescribable and the architecture design should revolves around it. We have an idea of creating an entrance where it’s more humble as opposed to the grandeur one, because the one and only thing we should highlight is its magnificent view. Hence, the entrance is filled with massive walls with natural stone with a small opening hinting at the view.

The opening leads right through the open living building, equipped with the best view of Maldives ocean with all the supporting facilities, such as: theater, gym room, dining area, living area, kitchen, and the swimming pool surrounded by hanging nets to enjoy the sea.

The 6 bedroom units are spread out on both sides to gain private views for each villa. All units are connected by wood decking that allows the wind to bring a breeze around the areas. The villa comes with a spacious living area and open-air bathroom with their own private plunge pool.

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