Samara Villas

Turks & Caicos Islands, British Overseas Territory

A four-bedroom villas in the heart of Turks & Caicos Islands.

Design team: Daf Ashari, Arief Meidi, Vany Vanessa

Drafting team: Marvin Lesmana

Render team: Ellena Monica, Andre Sugianto

Services : Architecture Design

We were selected as the architect for this project because the client wanted to create an Asian touch, specifically Balinese feel for their new Caribbean venture. 

The Asian architecture was usually known for their roof design. But, as the location is located in the hurricane zone, we have to use the flat concrete roof. It is to minimize the damage that will rise when the hurricane comes.

To bring out the Balinese feel, we use a lot of natural materials from Bali, which will be later sourced directly from Bali. This includes the Paras Kerobokan stone for bathroom wall finish, handmade Cement Tiles from Karangasem, and all the natural wood finishes. 

The design

The main market from Caribbean is the US citizens. And according to our clients, the center of activities is the kitchen. So we have to understand that the kitchen has to be comfortable, connected nicely to the living area, and act as the heart of the house. 

For the layout, we design the house to have an open living in the center, looking over towards the swimming pool area at the backyard. The four bedrooms, including master bathroom, are spread out at the left and right wing of the house, so that each has their own privacy. 

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