Sinamon PIK

North Jakarta

Located in the prime area in PIK, North Jakarta, this outlet becomes the first ever Sinamon outlet that we design that comes with the main kitchen. The main kitchen will then distribute to a lot of takeaway orders from around Jabodetabek.

Services : Interior Design

Lighting designer : Studio Nimmersatt

Photographer: William Kung

Being the third outlet that we design Sinamon, this outlet comes with its own challenge. Having only 5 meter wide facade, it is quite tight for customer entrance and service entrance. So, we take 1 meter each from each side for the circulation, giving the space in the middle for perforated-metal-covered seating area for both the Gojek/Grab drivers at the service side, and the customer seating at the other side.

Entering the shop, you will be greeted by the show kitchen – a must-have in every Sinamon outlet to show how they roll their cinnamon rolls. Then, you will place your order to the bar counter.

Once customers place their orders, they can wait in the small seating area across the show kitchen for takeaways, meanwhile dine-in customers can go upstairs to the seating area.

The whole look for this outlet is different, since Sinamon is doing a re-branding for the brand. It makes the space appears more industrial with all the exposed cement finishes, and more sleek with the leather seating. However, the yellow color still exists as the accent color in both seating and vanity design.

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