Sinamon Senopati

Cikajang, Jakarta

After opening their offline store in Bali, Sinamon decided to open another store in Senopati, South Jakarta. The concept is still similar with what we did for Sinamon Bali, so we’re bringing tropical vibes to the crowded city!

Design team : Daf Ashari, Agastia Betha, Vany Vanessa

Lighting designer: Studio Nimmersatt

Services : Interior Design

The idea for the cafe is to use a tropical neutral color to complement the yellow brand color from Sinamon. This translates to white color, yellow-patterned cement tiles, natural wood, and red bricks as the accent color. 

The existing building has two storeys, where the upper floor is occupied by a fashion store. The main problem that we need to solve is to cover up the two stairs at the front, create a proper semi-outdoor seating area, and bring up the comfortable vibes inside. 

Departing from the issue, we wanted to have one design language throughout. We decided to use the wooden lattice as the wall panels, and as the feature ceiling at the entrance.

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