Taco Casa

Ubud, Bali

After almost 10 years in business, Taco Casa is adding a new concept to its venture. The fresh mex restaurant is planning to integrate a bar on the upper floor of each establishment. This allows the customers to be more relaxed in opposite of the heavy traffic at the restaurant below. 

Design team: Daf Ashari, Agastia Betha, Vany Vanessa

Services : Interior Design

Photographer : Marvin Lesmana, Robert Eurodjojo

The restaurant down below was designed with a focus on functionality. The seating area was made to be flexible to accommodate different variety of groups. As the space is quite narrow, we add the window seating area to utilize more seatings. 

On the other hand, we understand that the bar needs to also reflect the Taco Casa branding in some way, but it should also feels like a bar, not a restaurant. 

We also needed to take into account about the material finishes that were being installed when we were put on board. 

Taking advantage of the exposed roof and the exposed concrete wall finish, we proposed a more masculine bar concept with a hint of tropical. 

It reflects on the bar design with the double-arch shelvings— with black metal hollow and wiremesh—that acts as the vocal point of the space. While the indoor plants are present to soften the overall space. The bar seats are using brass bride’s veil chairs with cushions as the complimentary selections to the existing bar design.

As the bar also should feel comfortable, we opted for sofas and armchairs for the furniture selections to ensure better experience for the guests. The sofa is carefully selected with dark red color to reflect the Taco Casa branding with tropical green throw pillows.

For finishing touch, we also added a big mural on the west wall to complete the feel. 

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