Tygr Sushi

Ubud, Bali

Samma Studio worked with TYGR Sushi to complement the newest concept for their Ubud branch. Having been known as the Bali’s first sushi bar in Berawa, the restaurant expands to entertain guests for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Design team: Daf Ashari, Agastia Betha, Vany Vanessa

Services : Interior Design

Photographer : Arief Budiatna

Being situated on the three-way intersection at the start of Jalan Penestanan, a vegan food haven, TYGR Sushi saw this as the perfect opportunity to broaden their menu to include vegan and vegetarian options. Along with this expansion, the restaurant has partnered with Mad Pops, the renowned vegan ice cream joint with which they decided to share the space with, and Canggu’s Hungry Bird to supply them with fresh coffee. In an area that houses hundreds of villas, TYGR is surely next in line to be the most captivating breakfast spot.

Samma Studio considered the simple circular floor plan of the original building as an invaluable asset in designing a unique interior space. The curvilinear external walls were kept, and an annex to facilitate the kitchen, storage, and toilets was constructed. The design incorporated many curtains to act as partitions dividing the building functions. Aside from eliminating the need for curved doors, it also enhances the Japanese restaurant atmosphere.

Before the renovation project began, the building was in severe need of more openings. The high ceiling combined with the lack of natural light did not use to be a problem for its previous function as a bar, but it presented a major issue for a restaurant operating from 8am to 10pm every day. Windows were added throughout the perimeter of the exterior walls, along the built-in seats that curve to follow its shape. This allowed the building to open up and feel less claustrophobic.

Some elements from the original structure, like the cogon grass roofing and the steel frames that hold it up, were kept as its textures add to the wooden furniture. As the underside of the roofing had already been painted white when the project started, it was simply cleaned and repainted the same color. The wall surrounding the seating area, also white, was painted light grey at the 2.7 meter mark to break up the tall wall, giving an illusion of a more intimate space and subsequently lifting up its mood. In turn, the exposed concrete floor was painted black to counterbalance the lightness of the upper half of the building.

The wide stairs encircling the building’s front porch were demolished to control the circulation of the entrance. Through this adjustment, more space was freed up for seating at the ice cream store, and the stairs connecting the parking space and main entrance became aligned to bring guests directly face-to-face with the sushi bar. The furniture style and bar design were borrowed from the first TYGR Sushi location in Berawa. Samma Studio brought new life to the bar design through herringbone patterned tiles on the wall facing the bar, as well as custom concrete blocks for the bar itself.

The studio infused the space with colors associated with the restaurant – yellow, black, and white – through the choice of furniture and accentual elements. The fish scale pattern, a key element of the design, is found on the yellow ceramic tiles that adorn an accent wall and repeated as the decorative ventilation cover. To balance the rounded elements of the interior, black geometric pendant lights and chairs decorate the space. Finally, the tiger mural on the wall ties everything together, lending the restaurant its iconic look.

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