Villa Colada

Villa Colada is an example of a successful transformation of a traditional Balinese villa to a tropical contemporary villa design.

Designer : Daf Ashari, Agastia Betha, Vany Vanessa

Services : Architecture Design, Interior Design

Photographer : Nanda

When we first visited the villa, it was very humid and damp due to lack of sunlight inside the building. The garden was very small with a small gazebo in the front and a separate powder room at the back. The rooms were filled with dark and bulky furniture with several leaking spots.

First thing first, we knocked some walls to add more lighting inside so that the rooms won’t feel dark and humid. We also removed the powder room and the gazebo to make the garden and pool area feel more spacious. 

For the rooms, we wanted to bring out the tropical Bali feel inside out. Thus, we created a bed head wall with locally sourced andesite stone with a combination of terracotta tiles with indirect lighting. Lighter furniture selections are also integrated to make the compact space felt more spacious. 

The open living area is where the biggest transformation happened. We changed the layout of the kitchen to have an island that also can function as a breakfast table, so we can utilize a bigger space for the living area. The furniture is curated with lots of yellow and green color as the name is inspired from pina colada. 

The pool seating area then designed as a semi-outdoor daybed with transparent roof with wooden shingles to withstand the heat. At the back, we also provide an outdoor shower that is surrounded by tropical plants.

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