Villa Nelayan

Canggu, Bali

The villa was an old Balinese villa with a Joglo. What we did was to revamp it to feel more contemporary, while maintaining the Bali feel.

Designer : Maria Stephanie, Gerry Surbakti, Bagas Dwi Aryanta, Vany Vanessa

Services : Architecture Design

Interior designer : Studio Lumbung

The old villa comes with a big Joglo in the middle. This made the space feel very divided. The bedrooms were too small, the kitchen was separated from the main building, the living space was big but dark and humid. And since it’s an open space, it was quite difficult to control the bugs and insects at night, let alone the rain during the rainy season.

Departing from those concerns, we decided to take out the Joglo to gain some space. We extended the living all the way, to connect all the bedrooms and the kitchen. We also added another room upstairs as a requirement from the client.

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