Villa Sempol

Badung, Bali

This villa is a four-bedroom villa in a 5 are contoured land by the river where the design is very open to maximize the view and the natural sunlight.

Designer : Maria Stephanie, Gerry Surbakti, Bagas Dwi Aryanta, Vany Vanessa

Services : Architecture Design

Interior designer : Studio Lumbung

Since the land is on a contoured land, we are playing a bit with the level of the building to minimize the cut & fill so that it’s also then more friendly to the budget. That makes the ground floor to be separated in several levels — starting from the entrance, dropping to the kitchen & dining area, and dropping more towards the living.

For the design style, the massing is rather boxy, leaning towards a tropical contemporary style, with a combination of natural color and natural wood color as the accent.

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